About us

Swisslion is an empire in the production of quality and healthy food. The usage of modern technologies and top knowledge, as well as the continuous process of development, have set high standards in doing business, living and working at Swisslion.


Swisslion LLC Skopje is a company whose main activity is production and trade with products of top quality produced according to modern SL technology.

SL technology is a symbol and guarantee for top quality and technology, production of natural and healthy food with controlled origin of raw materials and perfect taste, symbol of modern and highly automated technology.

Swisslion LLC Skopje was founded in 1998 as Green Field foreign investment with a unique activity- import and distribution of confectionary products. In 2001 the successful work of the company contributed to the development of the company in the production of confectionary products.

Since 2001 at the production capacity in Skopje, 3 production lines have been installed with a total daily capacity of approximately 20 tons of finished product. Swisslion LLC Skopje also financially consolidated and operatively managed all its capitally associated companies: Swisslion Mak, Swisslion Agroplod, Swisslion Agrar and Prespa Turist. Today, Swisslion LLC Skopje is a company proclaimed to be the largest confectionary industry in Macedonia, biggest importer and exporter of confectionary products.

Swisslion LLC Skopje

The sweet program is being produced at the production facility of Swisslion LLC Skopje and it includes production of Softy biscuit in three different tastes(strawberry, raspberry and orange) and in two types( mini and maxi), chocolate dragee products Choco Boom and the salted program that includes the production of Hello salty sticks, Griski salted sticks with peanut filling, pretzels, sesame seed stick crackers and mix crackers.

The greatest part of production(70%) of Swisslion LLC Skopje is being placed on the markets abroad.

Swisslion exports goods in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Slovenia, Albania, Sweden, USA, Australia, Bulgaria and other.

SwisslionAgroplod LLC Resen

SwisslionAgroplod LLC Resen is a production, trade and services company with a wide range of assortment like confectionary products, snacks, baby food, cereals and coffee. Some of the widely known brands are:


Swisslion Mak LLC Skopje

SwisslionMak LLC is a trade company doing trade and services on wholesale and retail and is a unique representative and distributor of the whole assortment of products under the brand Swisslion like: EUROCREM , juices TAKOVO , JUVITANA, DARIA, CHOCO BANANA , CHOCO BISCUIT…

Swisslion Agrar LLC Resen

SwisslionAgrar LLC Resen is a trade company that manages the poultry farm, shops and processing primary products: vegetables and mushrooms.

Mission, vision and strategy


Conquering of European and world markets with quality, healthy and safe food and offering a wide assortment of products.


Widening of the scope of production, dealing with various stages of food processing and following the world trends of healthy food production.


Conquering markets with cheaper products made with usage of modern technology and equipment for mass production of quality, healthy and safe food, while achieving lower prices.