Running tests in the food production is always safer than not doing them at all

The microbiological lab (founded 2011)is in charge of the quality and safety of the range of products that come from the production lines of Swisslion- Skopje. It functions and works for your safety.  With its primary goal of monitoring the microbiological condition of the products from the very beginning of production till its end, the lab performs microbiological analysis over all products and raw materials according to newest standards and modern equipment.


The awareness for the importance of the standards continues

As a modern capacity Swisslion- Skopje holds the standard ISO 22000, functional, implemented and certified since 2006. ISO 22000 is a bridge between ISO 9001 and HACCP, a standard that unites two of the very important parameters for quality work in the organization and safe work of the production process.

In 2011 Swisslion-Skopje implemented the IFS standard, which is one of the more rigorous food industry standards and will open the way to new markets and export of products to all countries in Europe. In Macedonia, Swisslion is one of the rare production capacities that fulfills the requirements of this standard.

In conquering new markets and curious about new cultures and food associated standards of the new potentional customers, Swisslion implemented HALAL and KOSHER.

In 2012, Swisslion was certified for the FSSC standard, an extended version of ISO 22000.